About the conference

The Ibandla Malivuke Conference is focused on envisioning and practically empowering local churches to become effective agents of social and spiritual change in their communities.

We expect about 200-400 attendees and are deliberately bringing together a wide cross section of different cultural groups and denominations. There will be seven speakers speaking on issues pertaining to leadership, advocacy, social and economic development, understanding the next generation and their challenges etc. There will also have a panel of pastors of large / mega churches discussing what makes a church relevant and welcoming to the community.

The programme will include plenary sessions, discussion forums, elective workshops, entertainment and networking.

The conference is organised by the Church Alliance for Social Transformation (CAST) – a coalition of churches committed to poverty eradication and community development from a biblical perspective. The intention of CAST is to mobilise 1000 churches to end poverty in their communities by 2040.

When: 10 - 12 May

Where: West City Fellowship, Chesterville

Tickets : R350 (includes welcome pack, meals and all materials needed)

our speakers

Rev. Sibusiso Makwanazi

S’bu is the founder and pastor of Esikhawini Baptist Church (Richard’s Bay), which was for a long time the fastest growing and largest “black church” in the Baptist Union. S’bu is chairman of the Esikhawini Ministers fraternal and currently the president elect of the Baptist Union of South Africa.

Rev. Jean-Ray Knighton Fitt

Jean-Ray is the founder and CEO of the Church Alliance for Social Transformation (CAST), as well as a pastor at Westville Baptist Church. His goal is to empower and mobilise local churches to eradicate poverty in their neighbourhoods through “kingdom” models of development. Jean-Ray has become a well-known speaker and leader in the field of development and has worked with a variety of development organisations, missions, NGO and business networks as well as government departments since 1993—both in South Africa and internationally. He formerly served on the board of the City Mission World Association (comprising over 400 member organisations worldwide), and before moving to Durban Jean-Ray was CEO of Cape Town City Mission, then one of the largest non-profit organisations in the Western Cape. On the home front, Jean-Ray is married to Susan and they have four children.

Mr Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart yearns to see society in general and the church in particular, embrace the pursuit of justice in the world as an integral part of its discipleship and communal life. He began his career with a brief stint as a fresh water ecologist before moving into education and a non-profit career. He is currently the CEO of The Warehouse, a justice and mercy ministry in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ps. Charmaine Moses

Charmaine currently serves as the General Manager of CAST. Together with her husband Clement, she is also a pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in Phoenix. Charmaine holds a degree in Social Science and Education, and is currently completing her MBA. She was a high-school teacher for 10 years before taking the post of KZN Provincial Manager for World Vision International. During her time at World Vision she also held positions of Provincial Manager of Eastern and Western Cape at various stages. An experienced speaker and mentor, Charmaine’s passion is to equip God’s people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be an overcomer on life’s journey. She is a popular conference speaker and organiser and is involved in numerous community based projects and aims to reach out to the hurt, destitute and lost. Charmaine is passionate about being a voice for the marginalised and voiceless of society, an advocate for peace, justice and righteousness. She and Clement have two teenage daughters.


Senior Pastor of City Hill, a mega church based in Hillcrest with over 3,000 in attendance. CityHill has a large number of branches and partners throughout the country. The church runs CityReach and CityHope and NGOs that respond to social need.

Apostle Mandlenkosi Collins Dlomo

Founder and Leader of Covenant Fellowship Church International (CFCI) a movement of 21 churches with over 20,000 members across seven countries, based in Esikhawini, Richards Bay and highly active in social development through their NGO: HOPE. He is a graduate of the University of Zululand, Rhema Bible School, Portchefstroom University and holds a postgraduate diploma in Leadership from the University of Stellenbosch. He is presently doing a postgraduate Diploma in Coaching through the University of Stellenbosch. He has been involved in a number of community initiatives and plays a major role in community development.

Rev. John Benn

Senior Pastor of Westville Baptist Church, a church of approx. 1,500 attendees. WBC is the founder of CAST. John also has extensive experience in development having led relief teams internationally and founded the Suphumelela Aids clinic and school in East London.

Ms Nobuntu Webster

CEO of African Pursuit, TV & Radio Talk Show host. Marketing strategist / entrepreneur. Accolades include: businesswoman of the year (2010), Cosmopolitan Mag. Woman Achiever (2008) & others.

Rev. Sipho Zondi

Sipho is senior pastor of Langa Baptist church (currently the largest Baptist church in the Union) and oversees a thriving network of church based social projects across the Western and Eastern Cape. There is a core group of 20 churches involved in these projects and a further 73 in their broader network. Pastor Sipho believes the church must be taught that the Gospel is not just word, but also practical transformation of lives and communities. He has over 300 active volunteers and receives no financial assistance from outside of the churches for their social programmes.

Apostle Johnny Isaac

Founder and Senior Pastor of Mighty Revival Ministries in Phoenix, a church of approximately 800. Pastor Johnny is the organiser and host of the annual Legacy of Leaders conference, and leader of the Phoenix Minister’s Fraternal

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